Are you Ready for Accessible Enlightenment?
Confident, Consistent Connection to the Light, Wisdom, Love and Compassion that we Are as Source energy
It is time!! Existing approaches to enlightenment and spirituality are feeling tired, and outdated, taking too much time, taking some away from their lives and income, requiring devoted study, and with results that seem fleeting. 

Additionally, with so much division, discord and tension in the world, more than ever we need a tangible, sustainable connection to Source that is part of our everyday lives.

We all deserve a logical, intelligent and also transcendental framework to feel connected to a divine energy within, that is personal and fully operational, right now. This is what I call 21st century enlightenment, which is what I use ~ because it works! 

More and more innovators of consciousness and enlightenment are discovering the modern, innovative 21st Century Enlightenment. This is the liberation of light on Earth so many have been waiting for, and it starts and ends here, within each of us. Of course. 
"How am I just finding out now that enlightenment is this easy?"
Those were the modest words of one participant, in her first workshop with me, having been devotedly pursuing spiritual connection and enlightenment... for over 60 years of her life.
If someone would have told me twenty years ago that I would be helping individuals find, restore and live the light of Source energy they are, I never would've believed them.

And yet here we are.

I hear sentiments like the quote in the above image regularly from those using my method. It works.

I'm sorry that it makes other methods, belief systems, philosophies and religions feel outdated, tired and ineffective. It isn't my goal nor my pleasure to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm simply offering something better, that is completely original and innovative, created for now, for these times and for the light we each are, infinitely.

This is exactly what the facilitators of those now outdated belief systems and philosophies were doing, in there time.  At one time they were innovators, too.  They were offering the best they knew, to take humanity to new levels of consciousness and creation. And now, it is time for another revision! 

It's time for another upgrade to humanity's spiritual connection methods ~ 21st century enlightenment
I'd love to show you how to make your enlightenment as easy and automatic as breathing.  This requires growing beyond the outdated methods. 

I have so many stories of clients who surpassed their expectations of what was possible for living their soulful layers, having actual, intelligent answers to what this reality is, why it exists, the purpose of humanity and how it gets updated.  The peace of mind this offers, including to our nervous system, is hard to describe. But you know it when you have it.  A quieter mind.  An inner solace.  Space within self to be.  Freedom to explore and be curious within self and within this world.  Confidence to act, choose and be you alongside your soulful layers, for the many paths we can take, and the many paths we can make, as the Creator energy we are.

Feels different already doesn't it? Can you feel it, the connection being supported already, within you? Reconnecting your human layers with your soulful layers, all from the inside out. That is what I am holding space for ~ you, and your greatness, your love, compassion, inner wisdom and clarity, all from the inside to the surface of you and outward into this world. From within. Of course.

No co-dependency here.  No endless seeking or a litany of skills-based courses that never end
that your soul doesn't need you to have.

Your Light, Your Love Set Free and Expanded, Infinitely
When a better method is offered, that helps you access, enjoy and live the light you are, it just makes sense to switch to it, leaving behind the older methods that have taken us as far as they can. 

From Seeker to Finder
Thousands of successful, transcendent stories, from beings just like you, dedicated to bringing their soulful, source energy into this reality, for the benefit of self, and the benefit of all. 
Does that mean you will get the same results?  That depends.
The Disclaimer That Couldn't Be Any Plainer
There are many factors that go into living your light and like with everything, individual results may vary. The truth is that most people don’t get results when purchasing any type of “how to” information and I sense that is because they aren’t committed, they won’t let go of their old ideas, they don’t want to change or they don’t put in the necessary work to make it happen. But, I do believe that if you are serious about this and put in the work, then your results will only have you wondering
why you didn't do this sooner.  

Here's What I Can Guarantee
What I can guarantee is that this workshop is my best program ever.

I’ve never had such a crystal clear direction for a program, especially on such an incredibly important and vast topic. I have an incredibly elegant, seamless outline with succinct topics in carefully laid out modules, all of which felt like it just flowed out of me, like we’d been waiting for this opportunity, for now.

I’ve never been more excited with any program I’ve offered.

And we’ve had some great ones. I promise to deliver the truth, the clarity, the liberation, the relief, and the direct access to your light within that you deserve using my original frameworks that undo outdated, unsuccessful attempts at explaining what this reality is, what we are as humans, why we are here, what created this reality and what is happening on Earth.  The truth indeed sets us free. It’s 100% up to date, fresh and in-depth. (It’s actually ahead of its time, after all we are innovators of human consciousness, right?)

This is not abstract theory but rather a field guide that shows you step-by-step how to create accessible enlightenment, why and how. I believe if any program is going to help you achieve accessible source energy within, this is definitely it.

Exactly What You're Getting
The Updating Humanity Workshop is over a decade in the making. I couldn’t have brought it all together until now, and certainly not with such an approachable, relatable, logical method.

I’ve had people ask me over the years if I’d create a program that brought it all together, the leading edge views of Source energy within, the incredible consciousness preparation for death, dying and the afterlife, and the big picture understanding of humanity, why we are here, how we evolve and the true nature of this reality.

I didn’t have all of that in one program but I understand why they wanted it. I wasn’t saying no to it. But wow, like, that’s a lot. And how would I even do that in one deliverable? And could I explain it in a compelling enough way that one would be excited to step up, and step away from the tired and outdated enlightenment approaches out there?

I’m so glad that people asked. And I’m so glad I said yes, because this is incredible.  It makes me soulfully delighted that this is possible now, that we have made enlightenment accessible, like Source hoped it would be, knew it could be.  And here we are.

I’m so glad that I didn’t give up. Because who wouldn’t want full access to the light they are, seriously?

Section #1
How and Why Does Humanity Exist (Designed Purpose - 2.1 hrs recorded materials, immediately available!)
  • Module #1.1: Where is your sense of divine energy, inside or outside of you?
  • Module #1.2: What is Humanity
  • Module #1.3: When Did it First Get Here (a reconception of time and what “here” is)
  • Module #1.4: How do we get here (at least 2 levels)
  • Module #1.5: What are we when we aren’t human
  • Module #1.6: Observable Consequences of Present System, including The Connection from Video #3 and my Big Secret
  • Module #1.7: What Went Wrong
  • Module #1.8: Why Doesn’t Someone or Something Fix It?
Then we'll peer into the process of tweaking humanity...
Section #2
How do Updates to Humanity Happen - recorded materials will be posted June 8
  • Module #2.1: Examples of Historical Updates
  • Module #2.2: How it’s done
  • Module #2.3: Who/What is Involved
  • Module #2.4: The Difference in Incarnation Planning for Updates vs for Service or for Growth/Learning/Soul Progression
  • Module #2.5: How those Involved (the Visitors) tend to Differ from Other Humans
  • Module #2.6: How Can Someone Tell if They are a Visitor (Traits, Checklist, Score)
  • Module #2.7: Who are We
...Then I'll Show You The Tweaks Currently Being Made...
Section #3
Present Updates Underway - recorded materials will be posted June 15
  • Module #3.1: What it looks like this time
  • Module #3.2: Challenges for these Visitors
  • Module #3.3: Opportunities for these Visitors
  • Module #3.4: Tips for these Visitors
  • Module #3.5: Contrasting these Visitors to the Concept of Aliens or Extra Terrestrials (ETs)
...Then we'll dive into the direction changes being made and why...
Section #4
The Big Opportunity - recorded materials will be posted June 22
  • Module #4.1: Main Goal
  • Module #4.2: What Isn’t the Goal
  • Module #4.3: What Does Success Look Like
  • Module #4.4: What Does Failure Look Like
  • Module #4.5: Advice to Maximize Success
...Then You'll Learn About the Arrival and Departure Process...
Section #5
Visitors Getting Home/Out - recorded materials will be posted June 29
  • Module #5.1: What does Getting Home Mean
  • Module #5.2: Steps for Getting Home for Visitors (access passes, gatekeepers, my story)
  • Module #5.3: Steps for Others Getting Home
  • Module #5.4: Steps to Avoid, and Why to Avoid Them
...And Finally I'll Address How We Can Maintain Intellectual Honesty to Assess Such Wisdom...
Section #6
How Do We Know Whether These Concepts are True - recorded materials will be posted July 6
  • Module #6.1: Steps for Evidence, Belief, Faith and Trust
  • Module #6.2: Risk Assessment for Being Wrong
  • Module #6.3: Comparison to other Frameworks and Their Validity
That's a lot of proven and field-tested strategies to explore, live and infinitely expand your transcendental, soulful layers!

And it's different from anything else you've seen before.

Unlike other trainings or courses, this is a complete step-by-step training that covers every single aspect of 21st century enlightenment. I reveal every single secret, every trick and every strategy that works for me.

But it gets even better than that...

I'm Also Giving You 2 FREE Bonuses Worth $1,629 USD If You Join My Updating Humanity Workshop: Origin Tech and Visitors on Earth
I strive to under promise and over deliver in all of my work and give as much value as possible. I take your results seriously and that’s why I’m including these 2 free bonuses worth $1,629 US dollars when you join the Updating Humanity Workshop today.

Here's what I've got for you:
3 Group Calls - Saturdays of June 12, June 26 and July 10 each at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/16:00 London
(Value $1,299 USD)
  • Direct interaction with me via pre-scheduled Zoom calls with video and audio participation
  • Conversation to further explore workshop materials
  • Q&A
  • Dynamic expansion, beyond the workshop content
  • Each call recorded and placed alongside workshop materials
...Plus You'll Get a Field Guide to Personalize the Workshop Concepts to You, Your Life and Energy Patterns...
Field Guide: Self Reflection Forms
(Value: $330 USD)
  • Custom Made Field Guides for Sections 1- 6
  • Prompts for revealing which thought forms may get in the way of your accessible enlightenment
  • My proven process for working around those thought blockades
These free bonuses will help you create a sustainable, confident, healthy system of light that becomes as natural as breathing.

These bonuses further assist you in realizing accessible enlightenment and succeed at 21st century enlightenment without the self-doubt, insecurity, endless training and co-dependence.

21st century enlightenment is the best, most modern way to live your light, wisdom, compassion and grace and it works so seamlessly, like it was specifically designed for us, now. It’s literally the fastest way I’ve seen people access their light within.

Here's What To Do Next
So if you’d like accessible enlightenment, and if you desire the truth, clarity, and liberating knowledge of how humanity and this reality actually operate then you’ll want to sign up for the Updating Humanity Workshop: Origin Tech and Visitors on Earth.

You can join the course for a one-time payment of $327 US dollars. And if you prefer, you can also jump in for 10 easy monthly installments of just $37 US dollars.  (Savings of $43 USD for single payment option.)

This workshop is an investment in your sacred sense of self, your peace of mind and your expanded human consciousness, which, in my experience, is priceless.

All I need from you is to click on the button below and sign up for my Updating Humanity Workshop: Origin Tech and Visitors on Earth.  You’ll be asked to choose your desired payment option and fill out the form. You can conveniently pay by credit card.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Updating Humanity Workshop: Origin Tech and Visitors on Earth and get $1,629 worth of FREE bonuses.

Here's What Happens After That
As soon as you’ve signed up for Updating Humanity Workshop: Origin Tech and Visitors on Earth you'll have immediate access to the fascinating materials of Section 1 (just over 2 hours) which is already getting positive feedback from participants (and expansive questions, as we take things to even new levels of human consciousness).  There is also a Welcome video to show you where everything is laid out on our organized workshop page.

It's all very well organized, helping us further sink into and enjoy these breakthrough, consciousness expanding resources.

In total in this workshop you’ll get access to 9+ hours of video training modules that you can access 24/7 from your member area. New sections will be released in regular weekly intervals, encouraging time for fully experiencing each one and time for the Field Guide self reflection.

And don’t worry, everything is broken down into digestible amounts so you never feel overwhelmed.  Even Section 1 is in four distinct recordings.

If you feel like this is right for you, click on the button below, sign up for the Updating Humanity Workshop: Origin Tech and Visitors on Earth and get $1,629 worth of free bonuses

Now, this next part is really important. I’m already getting a lot of interest for these brand new materials.
Limited Supply Available
In order to provide the attention to each participant for their maximum success with 21st century enlightenment, I am limiting this workshop to the first 100 sign ups.

Once the countdown timer on this page hits zero, registration will close and no one else will be admitted.

But I could very easily reach the cap much earlier because of the limited number of spots available. There are over 300 people on the early bird waitlist. So if you’re truly interested in personal, continuous connection to your source energy layers, from the inside out then you’ll want to act as soon as possible before someone else grabs that open spot and transforms their life with 21st century enlightenment.

All spots are provided on a first come, first served basis. And we are down to the very last spots!!

So click on the button below, sign up for Updating Humanity Workshop: Origin Tech and Visitors on Earth and let’s get started!

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